An Dong Market In Saigon

The over 70-year-old An Market is one of the hustle và hustle markets in Ho Chi Minc City. It is a few kilometers from District 1 – the thành phố center so that this is a favorite shopping place for tourists. An Dong is known as the biggest wholesale market selling clothes và accessories to vendors in Southern and Central provinces. Reasonable prices và less crowded with tourists, impressive sầu and quality architecture are highlights of An Dong market.

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General information of An Dong Market

Location: 34 – 36 An Duong Vuong Street, Ward 9, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam giới. Google Maps

Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Some shops open later than 6:00 AM & some shops cđại bại until 10:00 PM

Vendors: about 4000; Kiosks (stores, shops, stalls): about 2700.

How to lớn get khổng lồ An Dong Market?

An Dong Market is only 4 km from Ben Thanh khô Market, 3.5 km from Saigon Backpacker Area so that you can take a bus or xe taxi lớn this market easily. Bus fare costs 6,000 VND, taxi fare costs about 15,000 VND/km. You can take a bus at Ben Tkhô nóng Bus Station or 23/9 Park Bus Station.


Visitors can takes taxis to lớn An Dong Market, prices are about 15,000 VND/km. Mai Linch và Vinasun are good taxis in Ho Chi Minch City

History of An Dong Market

The old market was built in 1951, the recent market which is stronger and fortified was built in 1991. The market crosses approximately 1,500 billions of VND every year. An Dong is one of the first markets implementing unique management system ISO 9001-2000 in Vietphái mạnh.

Architecture of An Dong Market

An Dong Market has a unique architecture, it comes in a rectangular prism shape và trắng color which has turned into lớn gray color. It has a concrete grid facade with 306 cells which protect the building from the sun and rain, make it airy & look great. The building has a basement, ground floor, first và second floor.


Rectangular prism An Dong Market with more than 300 cells & a huge square clochồng on facade, the building has 1 basement và 3 floors


The huge Gimiko square clochồng in a light red frame on the facade of An Dong Market


The over 50-year-old building of An Dong market looks majestic under the sun


On Ho Chi Minh City Shopping Tour by Motorxe đạp, Tracy’s team does not take you to shopping centers và markets for tourists but less-known shopping places where you can buy souvenirs, foods, clothes, accessories & others.

What is inside An Dong Market?

As mentioned above An Dong Market has a basement, ground floor, first & second floor. On the basement, they sell utensils and plastic products, dried foods, jewelry shops and food areas. On the other floors, they sell clothes và accessories, fabric, souvenirs, artificial flowers, decoration items.

The food area is a highlight of An Dong Market because it looks clean & tidy. The smell of foods from tens of food stall serving more than hundreds of Vietnamese foods can make visitors feel hungry. Do not hesitate lớn grab some food on your trip to lớn the market. Rice noodle soups help khổng lồ warm your stomach and boost your energy. Most of the Vietnamese noodle soups consists of boiling rich broth, meat & chicken toppings, vegetables and eaten with dipping sauce, lime juice. Rice dishes are good choices, you can choose steamed rice with main dishes, stir-fried và soup. A portion of the famous Broken rice with Grilled pork is a perfect way to enjoy your day. A portion of food costs from 40,000 VND.


Food stalls selling Vietnamese dishes including Steamed rice with Boiled chicken, Stir-fried beef & onions, Fried chicken, Stir-fried squid, Braised snakehead, Broken rice with grilled pork, Egg meatloaf, pork skin strips on the basement of An Dong Market

The second biggest part of An Dong Market is perhaps jewelry because it has dozens of jewelry stores in the market, in front of the market & on An Duong Vuong Street. At these shops, you can exchange money at good prices which is higher than in banks.


Food area and jewelry stores on the basement of An Dong Market



Dried food are abundant on the basement of An Dong Market: salanganes’ nests, Pia cakes, dried shrimps, dried fruits and vegetables (jaông xã fruits, sweet potatoes, coconut meat, carrots, lotus seeds), candies, dried pork intestines, coffee beans, ground roasted beans

There are many stores selling dried foods including bird nests, dried fruits (mangoes, jachồng fruits, plums, banana), dried lotus seeds, dried mustard greens, dried squid, dried beef, chicken, pork. Different kinds of coffee, tea and nuts are abundant in the basement of the building.

The biggest part of the market are clothes & accessories including watches, luggage, bags, shoes, hats, scarfs, etc. They are sold at retails và wholesale. Most of them are made in Vietnam, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Tnhị, Taiwan, Korea. Vendors always keep updated about the latest fashion trends. Customers have countless choices at shops in An Dong.


Ready-to-wear coats, Ao Dai, trousers, T-shirts, pants, blouses, shirts at different prices are abundant at An Dong Market; if you bởi well, you can own lots of good items at cheap prices.


Leather shoes và slippers An Dong Market


Fabrics for making Ao Dai, suits, trousers, brocade bags, cosmetics including perfumes, face creams, shower creams, shampoo

Although there are some stores selling fabrics, An Dong does not specialize in fabrics. Tan Binc and Tan Dinch are 2 good markets to buy fabrics. A few stores sell souvenirs and decoration items. There are not as many souvenirs as in Ben Tkhô nóng Market.


A souvenir stores in An Dong Market, there are hundreds of choices including fans, Dong Ho, lacquered paintings, lacquered boxes, bowls, combs, brocade and sedge bags, small statues & magnets of Vietnamese girls và boys in Ao Dai, magnets in different shapes


Plastic products such as square, rectangular, round baskets, toothbrush holders, toothpick holders, scissors, etc.

Activities at An Dong Market

The paths between shops are narrow and they are usually full of customers. The market is always crowded and noisy. Vendors from South và Central Vietphái mạnh come lớn choose clothes and accessories, khuyến mãi good prices, then order tons of items that will be transferred khổng lồ their shops. You can see a large number of items packed in carton boxes, plastic bags or sacks put around the market. Porters stand, sit, eat, drink & carry goods from shops to trucks.

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Every day, the market attracts thousands of locals, visitors, foreigners to lớn buy goods at retail because it is not very far from the city center và prices are good. The following are some essential information about shopping and tips khổng lồ shop at An Dong Market.

Shopping at An Dong Market

Vendors vị not speak English lượt thích in Ben Tkhô hanh Market.

Bargain is a must, even there are fixed prices.

The more you buy, the lower the total cost is. It is easier lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with vendors if you buy many items.

Walk around first for different choices và check the prices.

Learn how locals and other tourists buy items và the costs.

Do not let vendors know that you really want the items.

Walk away if they vị not accept your khuyến mãi. They can call you bachồng after that. If they bởi not điện thoại tư vấn you bachồng, you know that the prices you offer are not reasonable.



Parking area

The large parking area is for motorbikes, trucks, lorries, taxis, cars, vans và buses. An Dong is the only wholesale market that has large parking. Around Ben Tkhô hanh, Binh Tay, Tan Binh, Tan Dinch have sầu no enough space for parking many vehicles including cars and trucks


Large parking area at An Dong Market

Money exchange và ATM


An Dong Market has ATM at which customers can withdraw money, most jewelry stores exchange currency

Staircases. escalators, air-conditioners

Some areas are kept cool with air-conditioners. There are both staircases & escalators in the building.

What is around market?

Small drink and food stall

Workers, sellers and porters are poor so that they buy drinks và foods at small stalls around the market at cheap prices. Sugarcane juice stalls, drink stalls serving coffee, iced tea, soft drinks at about 15,000 VND. At fruit stalls, visitors can see many kinds of Vietnamese fruits including ready-to-eat pieces of peeled fruits.


A fruit stall sells star apples, tamarinds, durians, mangosteens, apples, oranges, mandarin, custard apples, Long fruits


A local buys Coconut leaf cake from a street food vendor, a guard is responsible for the security outside the market

Shops in houses near the market

In houses around the market, they also sell clothes, accessories, foods & others. A few vendors arrange their goods right on pavements & alleys.


There are dozens of jewelry stores around An Dong Market so that this market is also called the paradise of luxury jewelry

Green old trees

An Duong Vuong Street is lined with green old trees that protect passengers from the strong sun. Arriving in the market and standing under the shadow of these trees, visitors usually feel relaxing and like being in Saigon in the past.

Vietnamese sandwich siêu thị at the opposite of the market

If you would like khổng lồ eat a Vietnamese sandwich, you can go out of the market & buy a Banh mày at a long standing Banh ngươi siêu thị. A bread filled with pork, beef roll, pork floss, cucumbers, pickles, corianders, soy sauce, pattee, costs đôi mươi,000 VND.

An Dong Market is one of the best places lớn go shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. Clothes, accessories, jewelry và dried foods are recommended khổng lồ buy at this wholesale and retail market. Visiting the market, buy items at cheap prices, tasting Vietnamese foods & learn more about local life are worth doing on your Ho Chi Minh City trip.